Tomalla Prize 2016: Probing the Warped Side of our Universe with Gravitational Waves and Computer Simulations

16.09.2016 18:00 – 19:30

A half century ago, John Wheeler challenged his students and colleagues to
explore Geometrodynamics: the nonlinear dynamics of curved spacetime.
How does the curvature of spacetime behave when roiled in a storm,
like a storm at sea with crashing waves. We tried to explore this, and failed.
Success eluded us until two new tools became available: computer simulations,
and gravitational wave observations. Thorne will describe what these
have begun to teach us, and he will offer a vision for the future of Geometrodynamics.


Bâtiment: Uni Dufour

Auditorium U300

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Département de physique théorique


Kip Thorne, California Institute of Technology

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Catégorie: Conférence

Mots clés: astrophysics, Cosmology, gravitational waves

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