Soft Skills Week

Soft Skills Week

06.02.2017 11:00 – 10.02.2017 17:00

The following workshops are organized:

Assertiveness: the key to open and efficient communication!
February 6-7th, 2017 (11:00-17:00)

What would you achieve if you managed to:
- express your opinion and your feelings openly yet respectfully
- set healthy boundaries in your professional and personal relationships
- understand and manage diversity of personalities
- enhance your active listening skills and empathy
- deal efficiently with difficult conversations and miscommunications
- provided feedback constructively
- created relationships of trust and cooperation.

Make an impact, create a strong social network!
February 9-10th, 2017 (11:00-17:00)

What would you achieve if you managed to:
- promote yourself and your skills with greater confidence
- ‘read’ and master body language
- increase your interpersonal awareness
- understand the dynamics of everyday communication
- liaise easily and efficiently with others
- build and maintain a strong social network.

Trainer: Dimitra Karatolou, MSc, PCC
Executive, Career & Life Coach I Organizational Development Consultant


UNIGE, Sciences II, Room 457

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Date limite d'inscription: 13.01.2017

Limited number of seats!
Open to Master students, PhD students, postdoc and scientists (priority will be given to NCCR Chemical Biology members).
Organized by the NCCR Chemical Biology

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