Sporadic and Exceptional (Yang-Hui HE, London, Nankai and Oxford)

20.02.2017 16:30

There tends to be exceptional structures in classifications: in geometry, there are the Platonic solids; in algebra, there are the exceptional Lie algebras; in group theory, there are the sporadic groups, to name but a few.
Could these exceptional structures be related in some way? A champion for such Correspondences is Prof. John McKay.
We take a casual promenade in this land of exceptionology, reviewing some classic results and presenting some new ones based on joint work with Prof. McKay.


Bâtiment: Villa Battelle

Séminaire "Fables géométriques",
Special lecture for "Geometry, Topology
and Physics" masterclass students.

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Section de mathématiques


Yang-Hui HE, London, Nankai and Oxford

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