Ricci flow, Killing spinors, and T-duality in generalized geometry (Mario Garcia-Fernandez , Madrid)

21.03.2017 15:30

In this talk we will overview recent work in arXiv:1611.08926, where we introduce a notion of Ricci flow in generalized geometry, extending a previous definition by Gualtieri on exact Courant algebroids. Special stationary points of the flow are given by solutions to first-order differential equations, the Killing spinor equations, which encompass special holonomy metrics with solutions of the Strominger system. We then consider T-duality between possibly topologically distinct torus bundles endowed with Courant structures, and demonstrate that solutions of the equations are exchanged under this symmetry. As applications, we give a mathematical explanation of the "dilaton shift" and prove that the Strominger system is preserved by heterotic T-duality, as defined by Baraglia and Hekmati.


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Séminaire "Groupes de Lie et espaces des modules"

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Section de mathématiques


Mario Garcia-Fernandez, Madrid

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