Constructions of automata groups based on 1/2-homogeneous automorphisms (Adam Woryna, Silesian University of Technology)

21.03.2017 14:15

The notion of 1/2-homogeneous automorphism of the tree X* of finite words over a changing alphabet X is used to present some examples of automata groups topologically generating infinitely iterated wreath product of finite permutation groups. In particular, for every odd d>=3 a 2-state Mealy automaton A_d over a d-letter alphabet generating an indicable, regular branch group will be constructed; the problem of finding the corresponding Schreier spectrum in the case d=3 will be considered.


Room 17 (Att. unusual time and place) Séminaire "Groupes et Géométrie"

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Section de mathématiques


Adam Woryna, Silesian University of Technology

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