The Geneva WH-orkshop on Optional Insituness

16.01.2018 – 18.01.2018

The Geneva WH-orkshop on Optional Insituness will bring together academics and students from Switzerland, Europe and the USA. They will present their excellent works on the morphosyntax, prosody and semantics of optional "in situ" wh-elements, and animate a round table discussion on the third day. The aims of the event, supported mainly by the Swiss National Science Foundation, are twofold: on the one hand, we want to boost the research on wh-movement, and on the other hand we desire to put forth the excellence of the reserch in formal linguistics that is being done at the University of Geneva at the moment. Participation to the event is open to whomever might be interested in the topic. We look forward to seeing you in January!


Bâtiment: Uni Bastions


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Faculté des lettres
Département de linguistique

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Catégorie: Colloque

Mots clés: linguistics, wh-movement, in situ, left periphery, syntax, prosody, semantics, wh-elements


Date limite d'inscription: 31.12.2017

The event is public. However, registrations are very welcome.

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