Heaviest Detectors for Lightest Particles

12.01.2018 11:30 – 12:30

Abstract: The lightest massive particles known in the Standard Model of elementary particles are neutrinos. The values of their masses are not yet known, however, we know that they do have mass from the observation of so-called neutrino oscillations. The experimental measurements of neutrinos have been a challenge for physicists for decades, and normally require very massive detectors, because of the very small interaction cross section. Nonetheless, an impressive knowledge about these particles and their interactions has been collected by many experiments worldwide, which I will review in this talk. Still, there are fundamental outstanding questions related to the nature of neutrinos (and anti-neutrinos) and their role in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. I will discuss how these are addressed by ongoing experiments and present the future explorations also employing ground-breaking new detector technologies, which will lead to great new results and hopefully unexpected discoveries.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Auditoire Stückelberg

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Département de physique nucléaire et corpusculaire


Prof. Michele WEBER, LHEP, University of Bern

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