Talk Dr. Soleymani - Graduate Seminar

Talk Dr. Soleymani - Graduate Seminar

30.11.2016 13:00 – 17:00

An Introduction to Affective and Sentic Computing

Affective computing thrives to create machines that sense and express emotions. This involves teaching machines to recognize emotional cues, understand and express emotions. Machines with an understanding of human emotions are better able to interact with their users and have numerous applications, including but not limited to education, health, marketing, robotics and entertainment. Sentic computing involves extracting opinions and sentiments from language on social media. Sentiment analysis has applications in public opinion mining, finance and customer satisfaction assessment and is actively used to assess opinions on products, brands and public policies. Understanding the main concepts and available tools in these domains will enable researchers in affective sciences to have a better understanding of its recent trends and take advantage of the available tools and methods for their research. In this lecture, you will learn about the history, developments and current trends in affective and Sentic computing. You will be also familiarized with the computational techniques that are used in affective and Sentic computing, including facial and vocal analysis and sentiment analysis from language. Finally, you will have an opportunity to have a brief hands-on experience with the available tools for affect and sentiment analysis.


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Centre interfacultaire en sciences affectives (CISA)


Mohammad Soleymani, PhD, University of Geneva

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