SwissCompanyMaker Workshop 2017 - Call for application

20.03.2017 – 28.03.2017

The SwissCompanyMaker workshop Geneva 2017 is launching a call for applications to all idea champions.

The workshop specifically targets very early to early high-technology entrepreneurial ideas from all fields and from all over Switzerland. Over a condensed two-and-a-half-day, the workshop prepares participants for the entry into the existing Swiss start-up promotion ecosystem. Individuals or teams can submit an application form with no admission fees. The high-technology business idea may or may not have been recently patented, or applicants may have a high-tech business idea but are still wondering about the next steps to take.

Champion participants benefit from fast-paced sessions, guidance specifically adapted to their project, support from recognized industry experts from various backgrounds and networking opportunities. At the end of the workshop, participants leave with the business elements of their new venture well structured.

The event is organized by the SwissCompanyMaker, a consortium of several academic partners in Switzerland (NCCR Chemical Biology, SICHH, NCCR TransCure, NCCR PlanetS and HEG Fribourg) and powered by Neworks Pre-Seed Workshop.

The event is sponsored by the CTI.

When: March 20, 21 & 28, 2017


Bâtiment: Campus Biotech

Organisé par

Organisations partenaires de l'UNIGE
Faculté des sciences

entrée libre (inscription requise)


Catégorie: Atelier

Mots clés: workshop, Entrepreneurship, start-up, SwissCompanyMaker


Date limite d'inscription: 30.01.2017

Individuals or teams can submit an application form with no admission fees.

A maximum of 11 teams can be accepted per event.

Successful applications will be notified at least 4 weeks before the event.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to missing email. All applications remain under confidentiality.

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