RUN 2018 - Researching the United Nations and Other International Organizations

RUN 2018 - Researching the United Nations and Other International Organizations

18.06.2018 18:00 – 20:30

Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

Opening speech by Michael MØLLER (Director General, UNOG)

Chaired by Sandra Lavenex (UNIGE), this roundtable is a unique opportunity to bring together well-known scholars from different disciplines (history, political science, law and anthropology) specialized in the research on international organizations. The objective is to discuss the link between disciplines and methods, but also to advocate for greater dialogue among disciplines tackling IOs. We aim to address questions such as the link between the methodology and the researcher’s disciplinary anchor, the extent to which methods enable researchers to go beyond disciplinary boundaries, the added value and challenges related to inter-disciplinarity research from a methodological standpoint.

This first roundtable is conceived as a special event that gathers confirmed researchers. The aim is to feed the debate around methods of investigation in researching the United Nations and other IOs from various disciplinary traditions.


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Faculté des sciences de la société
Département de sociologie
Institut de recherches sociologiques


Laëtitia Atlani-Duault, Research Professor, IRD, Columbia University
Davide Rodogno, Professor, Graduate Institute
Nico Krisch, Professor, Graduate Institute
Birgit Müller, Research Director, EHESS-CNRS

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