RUN 2018 - Researching the United Nations and Other International Organizations

RUN 2018 - Researching the United Nations and Other International Organizations

19.06.2018 18:00 – 20:30

Taming Time

Chaired by Mathilde BOURRIER(UNIGE), the second roundtable is dedicated to discussing the issue of time – as a key dimension – in IO investigations. Time may appear as a concrete variable, but also a challenging one in research analyses in studying international organizations. The following questions may be raised: When is a researcher supposed to generate data? How long should the investigation last? How do we assess international organizations’ evolution over time? How can we analyze the influence of time in the daily functioning of IOs? Should we differentiate the time of investigating from the time of conceptualizing? How can we overcome time limitations in fieldwork?

These questions may serve as a basis for the speakers to develop discussions with the audience. This roundtable will provide insight for the publication of a special issue on the role of time in researching IOs.


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Faculté des sciences de la société
Département de sociologie
Institut de recherches sociologiques


Irène Bellier , Research Director, CNRS
Sandrine Kott , Professor, UNIGE
Bob Reinalda , Senior Lecturer, Radboud University
Thomas Weiss , Professor, CUNY
Ronald Niezen , Professor, McGill University

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