2-groups and surface observables (Rik Voorhaar, UniGe)

03.10.2018 10:00

The holonomy around a loop is an important observable in gauge theory. Extending the notion of holonomy to 2-dimensional objects is a problem for non-abelian gauge groups. We present a solution to this problem by categorifying parallel transport on principal bundles with connection. This gives a 'principal 2-bundle with 2-connection', which has a 2-group as fiber. We will show that for a certain class of 2-groups such 2-bundles have a good notion of surface observables. In fact, these surface observables are also invariant under higher gauge symmetries naturally present in 2-bundles. No prior knowledge of higher categories is assumed from the audience.


Bâtiment: Villa Battelle

Séminaire "Groupes de Lie et espaces des modules"

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Section de mathématiques


Rik Voorhaar , UniGe

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