The Frobenius structure conjecture (Tony Yue Yu, Université de Paris-Sud, Paris)

22.09.2018 16:00 – 17:30

Lecture 2 : The Frobenius structure conjecture is a conjecture about the geometry of rational curves in log Calabi-Yau varieties proposed by Gross-Hacking-Keel. It was motivated by the study of mirror symmetry. It predicts that the enumeration of rational curves in a log Calabi-Yau variety gives rise naturally to a Frobenius algebra satisfying nice properties. I will introduce the conjecture in the mini-course, and then explain how to use non-archimedean geometry to tackle the conjecture. We will study various properties of the moduli space of non-archimedean curves inside log Calabi-Yau varieties. If time permits, I will also introduce a new notion of skeletal curve which plays a special role in the theory. It is based on my joint work with S. Keel.



Bâtiment: Villa Battelle

Mini school/workshop on p-adic and motivic integration

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Section de mathématiques


Tony Yue Yu, Université de Paris-Sud, Paris

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