An introduction to Python (Thibaut Lunet and Aitor Perez, University of Geneva, Switzerland)

19.03.2018 17:00 – 18:00

Nowadays, researchers widely rely on computer programming for their daily work, to perform numerical experiments, solve problems that cannot be computed by hand, and even sometimes assess calculation and proof (e.g with symbolic computation).
As many solutions already exists for those purposes, the (licence-free) Python language has the leading advantage of combining all thoses functionnalities, along with an user-friendly way of coding, that also allows highly efficient computation.
In this seminar, we intend to introduce the main features of Python programming, by means of on-hand examples and applications during which each participant could try some basic Python coding on their personal laptop. In particular, several themes will be shortly browsed :
- what is python, and how to get is easily with Miniconda and Spyder,
- basic python programming and file manipulation,
- efficient numerical computation with Numpy and Scipy,
- data visualization with Matplotlib,
- symbolic computation with Sympy.


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