Les droits humains et le cyberespace / Human rights and cyberspace

14.11.2018 09:00 – 15.11.2018 17:00


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Global Studies Institute (GSI)

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Human rights, racial equality, and new information technologies: mapping the structural threats

14.11.2018 09:30 – 12:30

As data-sets that rely on race, proxies pertaining to race, and other protected categories increasingly determine everyday outcomes in employment, education, healthcare, and criminal justice, scholars and advocates must attend to the serious threat posed by emerging information technologies and the entrenchment of systemized discrimination on a previously unwitnessed scale. Widespread use and reliance on predictive models that incorporate historical data—data often reflecting discriminatory biases and inaccurate profiling—not only have the potential to harm marginalized populations. These automated systems, and others that combine human and automated decision-making, have already begun to transform policing, national security, and immigration policies in dangerous ways. This critical moment therefore demands a broader human rights analysis, one focused specifically on racial equality within the global human rights framework. The disparate impact of technological innovation, the implications of discriminatory algorithms, algorithmic fairness, and automated and interactive machine decision-making are areas that must be explored in the context of race. Scholars, academics, and policymakers must respond by attaining an interdisciplinary understanding of the function and threat of racist algorithms and predictive models, as well as by employing an intersectional lens to discern effective human rights-based remedies and the accountability mechanisms necessary to secure them.