Quantum Computing and Cryptography

16.01.2019 10:15 – 11:30

The Quantum Computer is a threat for today’s cryptography. Indeed, it could factorize large numbers efficiently and make the current public key cryptography obsolete. Interestingly, Quantum Physics is also at the origin of a solution of distributing keys in a secure way: The quantum key distribution.
In this talk a will briefly introduce the quantum computer (be aware I am not a specialist) and then explain how quantum key distribution works. I will present the state of the art of QKD and discuss the possibilities and limits.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Quai Ernest-Ansermet 24
1211 Genève 4
Grand Auditoire A

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Faculté des sciences
Section de physique
Département de physique nucléaire et corpusculaire


Hugo Zbinden, Professeur, Université de Genève

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