Making sense of the Standard Model of particle physics: exceptional quantum algebra (Ivan Todorov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy)

15.01.2019 15:30

The exceptional finite dimensional Jordan algebra J, consisting of 3x3 hermitian octonionic matrices, appears as tailor made for the internal space of the three generations of quarks and leptons. The special Jordan subalgebra of J, associated with a single generation, carries the symmetry group S(U(2)xU(3)) of the Standard Model. Its euclidean extension gives room to 32 primitive idempotents representing the states of fundamental fermions.
The talk is based on recent work with M. Dubois-Violette and S. Drenska


Bâtiment: Battelle

Villa Battelle, Séminaire "Groupes de Lie et espaces des modules"

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Section de mathématiques


Ivan Todorov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy

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