The social responsibilities of information technology companies in conflict contexts

17.01.2019 12:00 – 13:00


In fall 2018, the UN Human Rights Council published the report of its independent fact-finding mission on human rights abuses committed since 2011 against minorities in Myanmar. The report, for the first time ever, singled out a technology company – Facebook – for its role in the abuses. It specifically called out Facebook for its “slow and ineffective” response to the abuses. These are not words usually associated with technology and especially social media companies. In response to the report and public pressure, Facebook commissioned its own human rights report on its activities in Myanmar, detailing many (but not all) of its failings in handling the use of its platform in human rights abuses.

The challenge of both reports is the unexplored question: what exactly are the social responsibilities of technology and social media companies in conflict contexts? How are their responsibilities different (if at all) from other industries? And what might the beginning of a value structure for these companies entering into and continuing to operate in conflict contexts look like? This paper seeks to address these three questions.


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John E. KATSOS, Associate Professor and Head of Sustainability at the American University of Sharjah, UAE

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