Colloquium : Laetitia Della Bianca (UNIL), Digital fertility tracking and (self-)knowledge: whose knowledge and what kinds of implications?

14.01.2019 12:15 – 13:45

Over the last 10 years, the market of self-tracking technologies that target menstruating women has boomed. These technologies commonly envision three kinds of goals: helping people to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy, and/or learn to know their body and menstrual cycle. Although being at the core of growing controversies, so far these technologies have received little research attention. During the presentation, I will present some of these controversies, focusing on different ways in which knowledge about the potentially ovulating-self is configured and enacted in practice.

I am a PhD student and teaching assistant at Unil. My PhD research is focusing on self-tracking practices of the menstrual cycle. The investigated practices include the design and development of digital tracking tools (apps and other biosensors) as well as their use in a variety of contexts. My background is in medical anthropology and sociology of medicine and sciences, as well as in film history and aesthetics.


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Laetitia Della Bianca, PhD student and Teacher Assistant at UNIL

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