The Challenges of Ageing in Switzerland and Japan; Its Social Perspectives

02.09.2019 09:00 – 11.09.2019 17:00

Geneva University, in conjunction with Hokkaido University (Japan), is pleased to open for registration a course on:
The Challenges of Ageing in Switzerland and Japan; Its Social Perspectives
Date and place : the 2nd to the 11th of September 2019 at Geneva University.
The 10-day course, using a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach, looks from both Swiss and Japanese viewpoints. It considers, and attempts some answers to, the problems of ageing : aspects such as environment, mobility, caring, family and social links, costs and the opportunities for society as a whole.
There will be keynote talks, practical exercises in problem-solving, as well as comparative and complementary views on issues linked to training. On-site visits are included (UN organisations, Palais des Nations, etc.).
Our speakers will be professors from Japan (global health), professors from Geneva University involved in the various fields to be considered (psychology, education, health, social, history), and workers from NGOs and international organisations.

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The course is open to anyone interested. You can register from the 4th to the 30th of August 2019. The maximum number of participants is 15.

2500 CHF for participants outside Geneva and Hokkaido Universities
2000 CHF for participants from international organisations and NGOs
Students of UNIGE can get grants covering almost all the fees.

A participation certificate will be given to those attending.

Scientific leadership:
Sandrine Motamed, MD, MER, Institute of Global Health, Faculty of Medecine
Nicolas Favez, professor, section of Psychology and vice-dean FAPSE
Hiko Tamashiro, professor, Hokkaido University

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Institut de santé globale
Section de psychologie


Sandrine Motamed, Faculté de Médecine, UNIGE
Nicolas Favez, Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, UNIGE
Hiko Tamashiro, Hokkaido University, Japon

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