The PTOLEMY project: from an idea to a real experiment to detect the Cosmological Relic Neutrinos

16.10.2019 11:15 – 12:15

In the first part the seminar a novel idea on the detection of Cosmological Relic Neutrinos (CRN) and more in general, on the detection of neutrinos of vanishing energy will be presented. This idea is described in detail in the paper [1]. The method is based on the fact that neutrino interactions on beta-instable nuclei have the key feature of requiring no energy threshold for the neutrino interaction. Some phenomenological aspects will be presented.
The second part of the seminar will be dedicated to the PTOLEMY project, in a starting phase at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Italy. In this project we aim at demonstrating the detection principle of the CRN and finalize the design of the future full scale experiment. The technologies on which the detector concept is based will be presented and the key features explained.
A new-concept of electrostatic filter discussed in a paper [2] recently published by the PTOLEMY collaboration will also be explained in details.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Quai Ernest-Ansermet 24
1211 Genève 4
Grand Auditoire A

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Faculté des sciences
Section de physique
Département de physique nucléaire et corpusculaire


Marcello Messina, Prof. INFN, Gran Sasso

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