Fundamental physics with muons: from the proton radius to antimatter gravity

11.12.2019 11:15 – 12:15

At the Paul Scherrer Institute ongoing precision experiments involving muons and muonic atoms are targeting fundamental questions in flavor physics, probing the symmetries of the Standar Model, and measuring fundamental constants. In this talk these ongoing precision efforts will be introduced by concentrating on a newly proposed experiment to measure gravitational interaction of muonium (Mu).

Carrying out a direct gravity experiment on Mu atoms would be of fundamental interest. Such a measurement would provide an exotic test of the weak equivalence principle, since the positive muon that dominates the Mu mass is an elementary antimatter particle, and also a lepton from the second generation.

To make this experiment possible, we are investigating methods to create a novel Mu source based on conversion in superfluid helium (SFHe). The unique chemical properties of SFHe may allow the production of a high brightness atomic Mu beam in vacuum. A high quality atomic beam would then benefit next generation precision laser spectroscopy experiments, and would make intertial measurements in an atom interferometer feasible. The promising preliminary results on cold Mu production and the feasibility of a Mu interferometer will be presented.


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Anna Soter, Dr, PSI

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