Cet événement appartient à: Geneva Summer Schools (15.06.2020 – 11.09.2020)

Global Health, Drugs, Policy and Power

22.06.2020 – 26.06.2020

Each day of the week will be organised around a specific theme and follow the pattern of
1) exploring the historical, sociological and policy perspectives of the particular issue;
2) examining what the current human rights, health and social challenges are;
and 3) searching for what global policy and governance set-ups may constitute improved ways of working/solutions for the future.

Human rights, governance and health will constitute cross-cutting themes, that will be addressed as and where relevant to each of the sessions of the week.


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Organisé par

Relations internationales
Faculté de médecine
Institut de santé globale


Barbara Broers, Professeure, Faculté de médecine
Jennifer Hasselgard-Rowe, Chargée d'enseignement, Insitut de santé globale

entrée payante, 300.00 francs (inscription requise)


Catégorie: Formation

Mots clés: Human Rights, drugs policy


Date limite d'inscription: 15.04.2020

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