Ateliers REGARD | Research budgets:understanding and constructing them

Ateliers REGARD | Research budgets:understanding and constructing them


The workshop will be organized around the following questions: • What is a budget: what are the expenses and revenues of a research budget? • What funding body are we applying to and what is its influence on the budget that can be requested?• How to build the budget: which parameters should we consider? • Tips for managing different types of budgets once funding is secured. After a brief presentation, participants’ specific questions, remarks, and problems relating to their own proposals will be discussed. Skills to be acquired :• An understanding of the fundamental elements of constructing a budget• Ability to analyze a budget • In the afternoon, budget analysis construction exercises will be carried out and discussed. Presentation, discussion, exercises, taking into account of the individual cases of the participants.
Trainer Dr. Jennifer Mcclung, psychologist and biologist, Grants Office Manager, University of Neuchâtel

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