Navigating data protection and data ownership in academic reseach: Challenges, technical solutions and good practices

Navigating data protection and data ownership in academic reseach: Challenges, technical solutions and good practices

11.05.2021 12:15 – 14:00

The ongoing process of digitalization in contemporary societies is accompanied by the emergence of new challenges related to the regulation of data and its use. At national and regional levels, all over the world, legal regimes are being set up to provide a framework for data protection and ownership. This reinforcement of protection mechanisms is not without consequences for the scientific world. Whether it is at the level of data collection, or at the level of data analysis, researchers must comply with complex rules, the understanding of which often goes beyond the scope of their scientific knowledge. This requirement is all the more generating uncertainty as data protection is being strengthened simultaneously with the rise of Open Science policies favored by a growing number of donors. Such a situation contributes to making law, and in particular digital law, an increasingly central field of expertise in data science.

Through concrete examples drawn from their research, the speakers at this seminar will share the challenges they have encountered in dealing with data ownership and data protection, and the technical solutions and good practices they have developed to navigate these issues. These presentations will notably highlight the technical and legal challenges inherent to the automatic collection of web data on social networks. In front of large internet platforms, gathering data for research purposes often comes up against legal obstacles related to ownership. The question of data protection is also central when it comes to the analysis and publication, and force to find innovative solutions, such as the development of images de-identification methods and tools, as is the case at Geneva University Hospitals. In order to rigorously anchor these challenges, technical solutions and best practices in the current law, this seminar will close with a legal perspective on these issues by a researcher from the Digital Law Center.


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