TITLE I: A new test of the Cosmological Principle: measuring our peculiar velocity and the large scale anisotropy independently TITLE II: Classical renormalization of binary systems

18.06.2021 11:30 – 12:30

ABSTRACT I: We present a novel approach to disentangle two key contributions to the largest-scale anisotropy of the galaxy distribution: (i) the intrinsic dipole due to clustering and anisotropic geometry, and (ii) the kinematic dipole due to our peculiar velocity. Including the redshift and angular size of galaxies, in addition to their fluxes and positions allows us to measure both the direction and amplitude of our velocity independently of the intrinsic dipole of the source distribution. We find that this new approach applied to future galaxy surveys (LSST and Euclid) and a SKA radio continuum survey allows to measure our velocity (β=v/c) with a relative error in the amplitude σ(β)/β∼1.3−4.5%. We also find that galaxy surveys are able to measure the intrinsic large-scale anisotropy with a relative uncertainty of ≲5% (excluding cosmic variance).
ABSTRACT II: I will show how gravitationally bound binary systems are subject to the same renormalization procedures we are familiar to apply in Quantum Field Theory. This allows, among other things, to extract information about universal logarithmic terms at very high post-Newtonian order.


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Ruth Durrer, University of Geneva
Stefano Foffa, University of Geneva

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