Urban Japan and the challenge of differences. The case of Hamamatsu city

Urban Japan and the challenge of differences. The case of Hamamatsu city

09.12.2021 12:30 – 14:00

Open to the public, the “Déjeuners sociologiques” is a weekly research seminar organized by the Institute of Sociological Research (ISR) at the University of Geneva. This fall, the ISR will collaborate with the Confucius Institute and the Department of East Asian Studies. With the common theme of "Sociology Meets Asian Studies", we would like to compare scientific contributions in social sciences and Asian studies. Postgraduate students and senior researchers will discuss their work with colleagues on subjects including: epistemic diversity, zero waste, external and internal migrations, Muslim tombs heritagization, disaster risk management, martial arts groups, or state social media accounts. Case studies in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand will be presented, all while exploring and testing theoretical frameworks and methodologies of the social sciences. We hope that such a collaboration between researchers will transcend disciplinary and geographical boundaries.


Salle 4020, Uni Mail

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Département d'études est-asiatiques
Faculté des sciences de la société
Institut de recherches sociologiques
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Institut Confucius


Nerea Viana Alzola, PhD Student, Institute of Sociological Research, Faculty SdS, Unige
David Chiavacci, Professor, Asien-Orient-Institute, University of Zürich

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