Precision Cosmology at Small Scales (?)

25.03.2022 11:30 – 12:30

Future weak-lensing surveys will make it possible to push the realm of precision cosmology towards small, highly nonlinear cosmological scales. But are we (and more precisely the theorists) ready for this? I will give an overview on how to model nonlinear scales with a specific focus on baryonic feedback effects. I will discuss how we can include such effects without losing (too much of the) information on cosmology and how small scales can be used to probe physics beyond LCDM.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Room 234

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Département de physique théorique


Aurel Schneider , University of Zurich

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Catégorie: Séminaire

Mots clés: Cosmology, Weak Lensing

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