2022 Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (SWM)

2022 Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (SWM)

29.08.2022 11:00 – 31.08.2022 16:00

The Swiss Workshop on Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (SWM) is the primary meeting of the MaNEP Network. It has a long tradition, dating back to the 1990s, and has been a key event in building the network. The SWM is organized every other year, gathering the MaNEP Network for 3 to 5 days around scientific talks given by world-renowned international speakers and selected abstracts of MaNEP participants. Poster sessions, tutorials for students and special presentations and booths by industrial partners and exhibitors complete the programme.

The meeting will bring together researchers working in Switzerland in the field of Materials with Novel Electronic Properties. The workshop is to act as a forum promoting research and applications in this area.

The program will be designed along the following themes:

-Oxide interfaces
-Quantum magnetism
-Topological phases of matter
-2D materials
-Out of equilibrium physics
The program will consist of invited and contributed presentations, and posters. The contributed oral presentations will be selected on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Posters will be an important part of the program.

The workshop is open to all scientists, engineers and students working on the topics listed above. It shall provide an opportunity to meet for those who are involved in the MaNEP Switzerland Network.


Les Diablerets, Switzerland

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Département de physique de la matière quantique

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