Swiss 3Rs Day

Swiss 3Rs Day

11.10.2022 08:30 – 18:15

After a long hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, we are extremely pleased to announce the second Swiss 3Rs Day. The whole-day event will begin at 9:15 and end at 18:15 at the Hotel Kreuz located in the heart of Bern.

We have both Swiss and International expert speakers on a range of 3Rs topics. We'll also get a chance to hear from the annual Swiss 3Rs Award winners from both 2020 and 2021.

We welcome your abstract submissions for posters which you have a chance to present during breaks and over lunch. At the end of the day, the best poster, voted on by the attendees and selected experts will be awarded with a prize.

Registration is free for all students and 150.- for all others.


Hotel Kreuz, Bern

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Expérimentation animale


Raphael Doenlen, Center of Phenogenomics, EPFL
Julia Fitzi, Schweizer Tierschutz
Paulin Jirkof, University of Zurich
Gregory Segala, Fluosphera
Adrian Roth, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Johannes Bohacek, ETHZ
Julie Vérièpe, University of Lausanne

entrée payante, 150.00 francs (inscription requise)


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Mots clés: expérimentation animale, 3R


Date limite d'inscription: 01.09.2022

Free for students (on receipt of proof of student enrolment to missing email)

Please register via this form:

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