Graphic mobilities: moving (with) comics as a research practice

Graphic mobilities: moving (with) comics as a research practice

24.11.2022 12:30 – 14:00

This presentation proposes an interdisciplinary perspective on ‘graphic im/mobilities’ considering comics both as a mobile research practice and as agents that produce mobility. Indeed, like in other cultural representations, in comics, mobility is both experienced and thought, practiced and embodied (Cresswell 2006). Thus, we should consider both the meanings and practices of mobility that are connected with the contents and forms of graphic narratives. Moreover, comics permit us to conduct mobilities research differently, moving with the object of our research, mobilising meanings, but also our perspective and bodies in unpredicted ways.
Drawing on the original geoGraphic story Lines. Moving with stories of public transport in Turku I have realised for the project PUTSPACE – Public Transport as Public Space in European Cities, together with other empirical examples, the paper further explores the research practice of doing comics from a both autoethnographic and mobile perspective. It analyses how comics permit us to explore multi-layered perceptions of time-space, and to access mundane, intimate, affective, and emotional aspects connected to everyday mobilities. Comics narratives move authors/readers by proposing unexplored affective itineraries whose effects are performed beyond the frame of the page.


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Giada Peterle, University of Padua (IT)

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