Cet événement appartient à: Geneva Summer Schools 2023 (13.06.2023 – 28.07.2023)
Global Health Law

Global Health Law

26.06.2023 – 30.06.2023

Today, there exists a field of international or global health law which stands on its own in international law, with devoted institutions, legal norms, control and monitoring mechanisms and area of application. International law, as a central instrument in the toolbox of the international community to address global health challenges, must be taught, critically discussed, implemented, improved, and developed. Students and young professionals active in the broad field of global health should be well aware of the international legal environment applicable to global health issues and its potential. This course will provide an advanced overview of global health law: the actors involved, the legal norms already in place and the way they are implemented. It will focus more precisely on specific issues and adopt a challenges-oriented approach. For instance, special attention will be given to the WHO pandemic instrument that is currently being negotiated and that will still be in negotiation in summer 2023 at the time of the summer school as well as to the role played by global institutions more particularly involved in these discussions. Students will learn through a combination of lectures, seminars, class discussion and practical exercises. The approach will be guided by the in-depth examination of specific global health challenges and the analysis of the actors and norms involved in the resolution of these issues.

Learning outcomes
This Summer School will bring together distinguished scholars in global health law as well as practitioners and professionals. It will train a new generation of scholars in these topics and increase participants’ attention to and understanding of legal issues.
Knowledge and understanding

Identify global health challenges and their origins
Navigate the international legal environment applicable to global health
Develop a critical understanding of global health law and governance

This 5-day course is intended for graduate students with a special interest in international law and global health challenges. It is expected that all participants already have a solid knowledge of public international law and the international legal system (they should have taken already 1-2 courses in public international law and/or global governance); this will enable more advanced discussions on global health law. The Summer School will provide participants with the unique opportunity to meet international experts from academia as well as professionals from international institutions in Geneva involved in the field of global health law and closely correlated areas. It will also provide an exciting opportunity to meet new people from around the world, share common interests and build an international network.


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Stéphanie Dagron, Full Professor, Faculty of Law & Institute for Global Health

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Mots clés: Global Health Law, International Law


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