Cet événement appartient à: Geneva Summer Schools 2023 (13.06.2023 – 28.07.2023)
Leadership for Sustainability Transition

Leadership for Sustainability Transition

26.06.2023 – 30.06.2023

Boost your sustainability career skillset with a 10-days intensive experience into becoming a more resilient and effective agent of sustainable transition.

We train both the hard and soft skills equipping you with tools and methodologies to consciously navigate and master local as well as national and international dynamics of change. With the your new readings of sustainability goals and elements of change you will be able to clearly define your vision and goals while engaging others in your vision.

This workshop will help you build your tool-kit at three levels by combining:

A solid exploration of effective response mechanisms to change and needed policy frameworks,
A practical perspective based on ongoing projects and best practices in Switzerland and beyond,
A deeper dive into the self-leadership skills necessary to aspire and engage your community.

You will Learn cutting-edge solutions for designing, implementing and monitoring sustainability transitions at the Local, National and International Level.

You will Boost your expertise into the role of infrastructures (Grey and Green Infrastructures ) and new strategies such as Nature-Based Solutions to meet sustainability goals while reinforcing societal and systemic resilience.

You will Transform data into a dynamic changemaking tool. By improving or bootstrapping your sustainability data management skills from collection to disclosure.

You will Powerfully manage multiple interactions between various stakeholders (Municipalities and local governments, National governments, International Organisations) in developing new solutions within a 2022 Post-Pandemic Recovery Scenario.

Finally, you will Enhance your inner leadership, alignment to your own purpose and capacity for transformative communication. So that you can bring to life unique visions that fit the impact you want to have in this field.

Enjoy focused knowledge packages provided by guest experts from UN and non UN International Organisations, State and City of Geneva Network with International Organisations, professionals and experts.


Bâtiment: Bâtiment 66 bd Carl-Vogt


Organisé par

Rectorat et administration centrale
Relations internationales
Institut des sciences de l'environnement (ISE)


Alexandre Hedjazi, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Environmental Sciences
Matteo Tarantino, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Environmental Sciences

entrée payante, 200.00 francs (inscription requise)
entrée payante pour les personnes externes, 800.00 francs (inscription requise)


Catégorie: Formation

Mots clés: environmental governance, Leadership, Sustainability


Date limite d'inscription: 15.04.2023

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