From the lab to the market: A concept-stage tool to discover all the ways a research-based high-tech idea can go to market

27.03.2017 16:15 – 17:15

Commercializing technologies out of laboratories brings a healthy abundance of possible “renditions” to consider. What will actually be sold? Is this best a product or a service? Which features and benefits are really needed and wanted? Hardware system? Disposable? A kit? Data? Should we sell a therapeutic, or assist others in their biopharma development? When should licensing occur? How far should we drive the development? Which market niche gives the best fit, the best return, the easiest starting point to gain traction?

The list is endless. On one side of the equation, potential investors, partners, employees, and customers all have their priorities. On your side of the equation, you have priorities, too.

In this 45 minute talk, the concept of “Idea Rendering” and “Innovation Creed” will be introduced. The former is a framework to foster creative thinking and organize the plethora of pathways toward commercialization. The latter overlays the perspective of the viewer as a framework to see how and why certain constituents in the commercialization process prefer different pathways.

Of course, YOU—as a researcher, an inventor, an Idea Champion, a tech-transfer professional… You too have an “Innovation Creed” which will influence the pathway that you see best!

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Mark W. Wilson, Co-founder of the Pre-Seed Workshop, USA

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