Prof. Mark Golden, QMat Amsterdam: Surprises at the surfaces of 3D topological insulators

28.03.2017 13:00 – 14:00

The prediction and observation of the quantum spin Hall effect in 2D topological insulators was one of the hallmark physics discoveries of the last decade. Three dimensional topological insulators have also come of age, and possess 2D, topologically protected surface states which are highly accessible to angle resolved photoemission (ARPES).

In this colloquium, I'll give an overview of recent research in Amsterdam on these new flagship quantum matter systems. After presenting the current status as regard the growth and investigation of single crystals of bulk-insulating 3D TI's, I will show how the combination of band bending and photon-induced effects can be used as a micrometric patterning tool of the topological surface electronic structure of the system. I'll also discuss our most recent work on Dirac semimetals, showing how a potential 2D Dirac semimetal could be disguised in the bulk of a 3D crystal.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Auditoire Stückelberg, Section de Physique

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Faculté des sciences
Département de physique de la matière quantique

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