Physical Properties of High-Tc Superconductor Bi2212 with emphasis on the Extremely Large 2D Layered Anisotropy

19.09.2017 11:00 – 12:30

High-Tc superconductivity discovered in cuprate oxides just 30 years ago have still been one of the most fascinating phenomena among many others and have been attracting many scientists and also researchers in science and engineering. The reason may be simple, because not only the mechanism have been unsolved yet but also the superconducting properties are also so different from the conventional superconductors so that it has not been a short story until a systematic understanding at least within the phenomenological level has been reached. Yet, most of important aspects of high-Tc superconductivity remain unsolved due apparently to the complex nature of oxygen in the oxide materials. I personally feel that the final answer to the unsolved issues cannot be made until sufficiently good samples are made available for the experiments.
Although the experimental data shown here are very limited mostly on Bi2212, I will extract a generic view from a few typical examples that manifest importance of high quality single crystals. It seems that many experiments still require better samples for extracting truly intrinsic properties associated with high temperature superconductivity phenomena.


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Kazuo Kadowaki

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