The 2nd Conference on the Neurobiology of Mental Health

The 2nd Conference on the Neurobiology of Mental Health

24.01.2018 12:00 – 26.01.2018 14:00

This 2.5 day high-profile Synapsy Conference aims at bringing together basic and translational research leaders, with the intention of promoting productive scientific exchanges among researchers focusing on the mechanistic bases of psychiatric disease. The major focus of the Conference will be on developmental processes and sensitive periods that influence the emergence of psychiatric diseases.
(Les conférences sont toutes données en anglais)
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Bâtiment: Campus Biotech

Auditorium H8

Organisé par

Département de neurosciences fondamentales


Alexandre Dayer, Professeur Associé
26 professeurs internationaux, Cf. programme

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Date limite d'inscription: 03.01.2018

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