Be a star in ESA's Universe

Be a star in ESA's Universe

27.10.2016 17:00 – 20:00

The Swiss Space Center organizes together with the Swiss Space Office (SSO) and the European Space Agency (ESA) the first Swiss Space roadshow, with one stop at Geneva University.
If you are interested in space and you would like to know more about possible careers in the space domain (research, development, industry, ESA…) this is a chance to meet professionals from ESA and local industry active in the space domain. Among the speakers you will have the opportunity to hear David Ehrenreich, mission scientist CHEOPS, from UNIGE.
The interactive evening will give you insights into possible careers at ESA or in a local industry related to space. Possible careers in the space domain are quite diverse, any area of specialisation is needed (Management, Engineering, Science, Management support, Administrative and technical services etc).

Registration is free, but required.


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Organisations partenaires de l'UNIGE


Torsten Bieler, ESA ESTEC
Nicolas Saillen, ESA ESTEC
David Ehrenreich, Mission scientist CHEOPS, UNIGE
Emile de Rijk
With different local industrial and research players active in the Swiss space sector

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