Slopes, colored links and Kojima's eta concordance invariant

23.03.2017 14:15

In this talk we will introduce an invariant, the slope, for a colored link in a homology sphere together with a suitable multiplicative character defined on the link group. The slope takes values in the complex numbers union infinity and it is real for finite order characters. It is a generalization of Kojima's eta-invariant and can be expressed as a quotient of Conway polynomials. It is also related to the correction term in Wall’s non-additivity formula for the signatures of 4-manifolds, and as such it appears naturally as a correction term in the expression of the signature formula for the splice of two colored links. This is a work in progress with Alex Degtyarev and Vincent Florens.


Room 17, Séminaire "Topologie et Géométrie"

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Section de mathématiques


Ana Lecuona, Université d'Aix-Marseille

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