Talk Kenneth Williford - Neurophenomenology and Self-Consciousness

16.05.2017 11:00 – 12:00

Kenneth Williford, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair Department of Philosophy & Humanities, University of Texas Arlington

Neurophenomenology and Self-Consciousness

I discuss the principles of Neurophenomenology and two models of the phenomenology of pre-reflective self-consciousness (one model based on hypersets and one based on projective geometry—the "Rudrauf model"). I argue that what is correct about the hyperset model can be captured by the projective geometrical model. Following Rudrauf, I go on to argue that combining the projective geometrical model with a "Bayesian Brain” model (basically Rudrauf+Friston) yields the most promising example of Neurophenomenology to date, though it leaves the problem of qualitative character and, more generally, phenomenal manifestation as such untouched. I close with some reflections on how these latter two “hard problems” might be treated neurophenomenologically.


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