Cet événement appartient à: International Symposium on Chemical Biology 2018 (10.01.2018 – 12.01.2018)
Joint NCCR Chemical Biology/ LS2 satellite meeting

Joint NCCR Chemical Biology/ LS2 satellite meeting


A joint NCCR Chemical Biology/LS2 satellite meeting is organised prior to the International Symposium on Chemical Biology for students and postdocs. The meeting will include selected short talks given by the young researchers in the presence of two of the plenary speakers. The meeting will be concluded with a Q&A session on Academic Careers, chaired by three chairmen (Prof. Hiroaki Suga, Prof. Evan Miller and Prof. Yamuna Krishnan) and early arriving plenary speakers. Master and PhD students are invited to apply for an oral presentation at this event on the Symposium website. Registration to the main Symposium event is compulsory for attending the Satellite event.


Bâtiment: Campus Biotech

Organisé par

Section de chimie et biochimie
Organisations partenaires de l'UNIGE

entrée payante, 100.00 francs (inscription requise)


Catégorie: Symposium

Mots clés: symposium, chemical biology, NCCR Chemical Biology, LS2


Date limite d'inscription: 15.12.2017

The number of participants is limited to 300.
Registration fee (100 CHF) includes access to the lecture hall, programme booklet, coffee breaks, lunches and networking events.

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