Quiver and character varieties: algebraic symplectic geometry (Travis Schedler, Imperial College, Londres)

18.12.2017 10:30

Nakajima's quiver varieties are by now ubiquitous in representation theory (geometric, categorical, and combinatorial) and geometry (hyperkaehler and algebraic symplectic geometry). I will explain a classification, joint with Gwyn Bellamy, of which of these varieties admit symplectic resolutions, following work of Crawley-Boevey, Kaledin--Lehn--Sorger, and others, and extend this to character varieties for closed surfaces. Work of my student Andrea Tirelli extends this to Higgs moduli spaces, work in progress for surfaces with punctures.


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Séminaire "Groupes de Lie et espaces des modules"

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Section de mathématiques


Travis Schedler, Imperial College, Londres

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