Cabling and filtrations on the knot concordance group (Arunima Ray, Bonn)

14.12.2017 14:15

The solvable and bipolar filtrations give a framework for understanding the knot concordance group. We introduce these filtrations, and describe the effect of cabling on them. In particular, let F_n denote the set of n-solvable knots; we give examples of knots K in F_n such that the set of (p,1) cables, where p is any natural number, is linearly independent in F_n/F_{n+1}. This gives an infinite rank summand of F_n whose image in F_n/F_{n+1} is an infinite rank subgroup. This is joint work with Christopher Davis and JungHwan Park.


Room 17, Séminaire de Topologie et Géométrie

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Arunima Ray, Bonn

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