Talk Bas Verplanken (Lecture series)

23.01.2018 12:15 – 13:15

Habit: From Overt Action to Mental Events

Habits are "unseen" elements of everyday life. In spite of the fact that many of the behaviours which are of interest to social, health, consumer and environmental psychologists are highly repetitive, habit has not received the attention it deserves. I will focus on questions such as why habits are important to study, how habits relate to prevalent attitude-behaviour models, and which implications habits may have for interventions to change behaviours. I then move on to habits of thinking, and present some research that demonstrates why such habits matter and relate to a range of issues, such as body image and eating disorder problems, self-esteem, or worry and anxiety. I will end this talk on a positive note, and show some benefits of habitual worrying.


Bâtiment: Campus Biotech

H8.01.D (formerly 144.165)

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Centre interfacultaire en sciences affectives (CISA)


Bas Verplanken, University of Bath

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