NCCR Lecture series: Steven Boxer

19.03.2018 16:15 – 18:00

Steven G. Boxer, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University (US), will give a talk on “Reactions, dynamics and imaging in model biological membranes” (UNIGE, March 19, 2018).

About the talk
Supported lipid bilayers provide an excellent platform for the development of advanced imaging and analysis methods. S. Boxer’s lab has prepared DNA-lipid conjugates to create a variety of more complex membrane architectures. These architectures and conjugates are used to simulate membrane fusion, recently extended to enveloped viruses where DNA-lipids serve as surrogate receptors. Imaging mass spectrometry is used to image and quantify the composition and lateral organization of membrane domains with sub-100 nm resolution. Recently, this has been used to probe the nm (1-3 nm) proximity of lipid species.

This lecture is organized by the NCCR Chemical Biology.


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