Witt vectors, commutative and non-commutative, I, II (Dmitry Kaledin, Steklov & NRU HSE, Moscow)

25.05.2018 10:30

Witt vectors were first introduced eighty years ago, but they
still come up in different questions of commutative and homological
algebra, algebraic geometry, and even algebraic topology. I will try to
give a general introduction to this remarkable subject, and show both its
classical parts and some recent discoveries. The first talk will be quite
elementary, first-year algebra should be enough. In the somewhat more advanced
second talk, I will try to explain how the simple constructions
of the first talk lead to non-commutative generalization of
Grothendieck's cristalline cohomology of smooth algebraic varieties
over a finite field.


Bâtiment: Battelle

Séminaire "Fables géométriques"

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Section de mathématiques


Dmitry Kaledin, Steklov & NRU HSE, Moscow

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