Über Schwiizerdütsch, or how Swiss German defeated linguists (Pierre Bagnoud, University of Geneva)

11.03.2019 17:00

Natural languages are a really mysterious and fascinating subject. It is no wonder that we try to formalize them as much as we can. In this humble talk, we will discuss a attempt using Context-Free Language.
To justify the importance of the subject, we could argue that it is crucial to major companies working in informatics, like Google or Microsoft. We will not, as it would be a outdated fact whose purpose was insidious name dropping. Nevertheless, Context-Freeness is interesting and it is amusing to know how Swiss German contributed to some extent to a change of paradigm in automatic translation and grammatical checking.


Room 17, Séminaire des doctorants

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Section de mathématiques


Pierre Bagnoud, University of Geneva

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