Recurrent subgroups and lattice embeddings in totally disconnected groups (Adrien Le Boudec, ENS Lyon)

13.11.2018 10:30

Given a group G, we consider the space Sub(G) of subgroups of G, endowed with the Chabauty topology. A subgroup H of G is uniformly recurrent if G acts minimally on the closure of the conjugacy class of H in Sub(G).
In this talk we will consider the class of non-amenable countable groups admitting amenable uniformly recurrent subgroups. More precisely, given such a group, we will state some results about the (totally disconnected) locally compact groups into which it embeds as a lattice.
This is (among other things) motivated by a family of examples of groups within this class that contains instances of groups that are finitely generated, simple, and which embed as "irreducible" lattices in the wreath product of a finite group with the group Aut(T) of automorphisms of a tree. Part of the talk will be dedicated to these examples.


Room 623, Séminaire "Groupes et Géométrie"

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Adrien Le Boudec, ENS Lyon

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