Information field theory - turning data into images

15.02.2019 14:15 – 15:15

Charting the Universe from measurements is a challenging information
theoretical problem. The finite data provided by instruments is never
able to constraint the infinite degrees of freedom of the physical
fields we are interested in astronomy or other areas. Additional
information like physical laws and empirical correlations has to be
folded into the field inference. Information field theory (IFT) is
information theory for field inference enabling the
consistent fusion of measurement data and theoretical concepts
exploiting techniques developed for quantum field theory.
IFT provides optimal methods to generate images exploiting all available
information. Existing applications of IFT in astrophysics are galactic
tomography, gamma- and radio- astronomical imaging, and the analysis of
cosmic microwave background data. Applications in preparation are
inferring the dynamics of an observed field and the fusion of
measurements from complementary instruments into coherent pictures.


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Torsten Ensslin, MPA Garching

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