Finiteness properties of simple groups (Rachel Skipper, ENS Lyon and University of Goettingen)

09.05.2019 13:00

A group is said to be of type F_n if it admits a classifying space with compact n-skeleton. We will consider the class of Röver-Nekrachevych groups, a class of groups built out of self-similar groups and Higman-Thompson groups, and use them to produce a simple group of type F_{n-1} but not F_n for each n. These are the first known examples for n >2.
As a consequence, we find the second known infinite family of quasi-isometry classes of finitely presented simple groups, the first is due to Caprace and Rémy.
This is a joint work with Stefan Witzel and Matthew C. B. Zaremsky


Room 17, Att. unusual day, time and place, Séminaire "Groupes et Géométrie"

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Rachel Skipper, ENS Lyon and University of Goettingen

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